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NCAT Online allows you to lodge and pay for your application and receive an online notice of hearing where possible. You cannot lodge electronically any supporting material with your application.

Read the following information carefully before proceeding with your online application. 
  Online payment  
  Payment for online applications must be made with a credit card. Credit card payments will incur the standard bank surcharge. View our current fees and charges for information about the fee to be paid by corporations, the availability of a reduced fee for valid concession card holders, or to request a partial or full fee waiver.  
  Applications against a Company or Business  
  When lodging an application with NCAT, you are required to send by post to the NCAT registry, a copy of the ASIC documentation that confirms the name and registered office of any respondent that is either a company or a business. NCAT cannot investigate and find the respondent's details for you. If the respondent is a business or company you must include a business name or company extract from ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) which shows the correct name and registered address. Note: The free summary information on the ASIC website is not sufficient as it does not contain address details. When posting your extract, please quote the file number allocated to you at the end of this online application process.  
  NCAT conducts hearings in locations in NSW. Hearings are held Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays) between 9:15am-4:15pm. Not all locations have hearings every day. For further information about hearing times and locations check the online list.
Where possible, NCAT Online will automatically list your matter for hearing within the next 10-28 days for Residential Tenancy, Social Housing and Residential Communities applications, and within 21-42 days for General, Home Building and Motor Vehicle applications.

For urgent hearing you will need to lodge your application in person or by fax. Learn more about urgent applications.
  Applications that cannot be lodged online  
  Not all applications can be lodged with NCAT Online. Visit the application forms page to download the form you need and lodge in person, by post or fax for the following applications:  
  • Appeal applications
  • Set aside applications
  • Strata and Community Schemes applications
  • Commercial Division applications
  • Retirement Villages Division applications
  • Relist or renewal requests
  • Warrant for possession requests
  • Summons requests